Life’s Story..Never Heard Wholeheartedly

The sunshine fell on my book
As if to enlighten my mind
A book that might go untouched
Had the light of knowledge gone unseen.
I scribbled a few words and the new writing
Erased my wit as a blackboard
Yet the collection of letters
Remained absorbed to recall, to rewrite .
The past fresh as ever, the future untold
Coupling the two ran my present .
The incomplete stories to be reread
Waited to get noticed; I passed by…
Ignored they felt, still looked hopingly.
Oh!but the hope swept them
To the mysterious world of unconscious
For me to give them; a sincere call.
Thus goes the story of life
Never heard wholeheartedly
Yet the everlasting hope persists…..

Deeya Nayar


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