Blank Page

I stare into the blank page

Assuming, its eagerness to embrace

My jumbled ideas that, chose the words;

Perhaps, a few drawings

Or a scribbled dot and line game;

Hardly did it strike me as a page of inspiration

Assuming, it’s the mirror

Willingly reflecting the many expressions –

Subtle emotions not meant for an audience;

I stare into the blank page.

Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


On a rain-washed night,

Children laid down to sleep,

Pulling blankets over their heads;

Hoping to hide their fears behind

About the stories of rainy nights,

Thunder storms and scary dark elements;

That’s when lightning struck in its mighty power;

Killing the imagined silhouette of shadowy figure,

Oh! “father you are home.”

Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar

The House

The house

Built with

Stone, wood and brick

Cemented relationship


Neither brick nor stone,

Wood or cement

Were informed

Of the union;

An arrangement

That meant

Need to someone

And requirement

To another.

Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


Standing by the coffee shop,

I was enjoying the moments

Of being wooed by the aroma;                                                                             

A harmless flirtation with my senses

When my mouth watered to the possibility,

Relishing melting chocolate

Layered in a matronly cover –

A hard crust, my mind’s eye could not

Peer into, to delve the soft side. 

Eyes remained fixed on the rising sun.

Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


An accurate mind once said,

“That’s not a very womanly thought.”

Grammatical accuracy was busy comprehending

And inquisitive mind blurted out,

“Thoughts have gender?”

                                           Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar


Weighing words

Before spoken,


Sometimes, when we are lost in the security of our mind or caught in the unknown space of absent thoughts, a friend or a stranger walks into our sanctuary with a simple, ordinary conversation. At times, we don’t realise, how we comprehend our thoughts and spoken words leave in a jiffy.

Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar